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3 - 22 years

Once an individual reaches the age of  2 years and 9 months, they begin to transition out of the early start program, and are now expected to receive supports and services from their school district until they reach age 18 and graduate or they reach age 22 and do not graduate with a diploma.Offered to children in this age group are a plethora of resources such as day care, residential placement, respite services, social recreational services, community integration and much more. At this age children are also eligible for services under the IDEA, which ensures special education will be provided for your child to be able to access learning among their neuro majority peers in the least restrictive environment with the appropriate supports and accommodations. These special education programs in California are put in place by a myriad of state and federal laws protecting the rights of students with disabilities. These laws specify that each student with a disability must be provided with a free and appropriate public education.        

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