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Adults: Overview

Updated: May 6, 2022

  • An individual becomes an adult at age 18

  • Starting at age 18, the ND individual can sign their IEP and IPP and any other legal documents

    • This is altered if the individual has a conservatorship in place

  • A conservatorship means preparing documents and going before a judge to prove that your young adult has a disability and continues to need support to make decisions (your RC will send documentation)

  • Conservators are usually family members(not always)

    • If interested in a conservatorship, it is recommended that you start researching at age 17.

    • There are also costs involved with this process and it is recommended that you get an attorney to help you.

  • Service coordinators at regional centers help adults age 20 through the life span

  • The coordinators who specialize in school-age services will typically remain with the individual until he or she is no longer eligible for post secondary education, and is stable in their living and post-educational arrangements

  • Adults Services:

    • Assistance accessing community resources or entitlements such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

    • Day Programs

    • Supported Employment

    • Independent Living Skills training

    • Out of Home Living Options

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