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Varsha & Impana's performance at PRAGNYA

"Music unites ... music ignites in every soul a spark of hope” Bringing this music & to see it unleash its #magic on our kids (#AutismSpectrum or otherwise) is a #PRAGNYA prerogative

At the PRAGNYA family we had the wonderful opportunity of listening to Carnatic music performed by Vidushree Divya Ramesh’s students. It was a divine experience. Our kids sat mesmerized through the 1 hour concert proving music is an universal language that connects us all 😍🎼🎻🎹

Varsh, Impana accompanied on the Mridangam by Vyass, Flute by Sumanth & Aparna on the Violin.

This month’s concert featured the students of Divya Ramesh, Varsha Chandrasekaran, Impana Chimmalagi and accompanying them on the Violin by Aparna Ganapathy, on the Flute by Sumanth Ganapathy and on the Mridangam by Vyass

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