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An Ally Series: Moments of Gratitude

PRAGNYA - Social Connect

Why did the cosmos breathe vivid fires and cold time into being, if not for this fleeting minute, if not for the garland of instances that shape our lives? So, what do these seconds mean to us? 6 Allies reflect on their favorite moments with PRAGNYA in Ally Series: Moments of Gratitude.

“Something that always makes me happy is just seeing the small, hidden smiles on the faces of the kids as they share secret little bits of their lives. It is such a small, simple event to share an ability or a memory or a toy, yet it brings people so much happiness and it just feels really nice to be able to spread happiness.” -Sumay 

“Something that always makes me so happy is watching a shy kid walking into PRAGNYA open up and get excited while singing and dancing with all of us.” -Natasha 

“I was hanging out with Keily for the first time; we were sitting in her car, using her communication device,  and just talking about our favorites... things to do, colors, animals. Suddenly, out of the blue she suddenly has this huge smile on her face and keeps saying “friend” with her communication device and pointing toward me. It was so incredibly heartwarming and I felt so honored to already be considered a friend.” -Nica 

“A moment that makes me really happy is my 2nd Dink Chak Dandiya. I loved learning the bright cultural dances and how the decorative batons represent a sword fight. I even got to wear an Indian outfit, thanks to Ms. Kavita! I was in charge of guarding the back door but I had so much fun posing and bonding with Ayuwend!” -Michelle

“One moment I am thankful for was hanging out with Attreyu and bonding so well with him, because I am not that good at socializing with people when I first meet them. However, Attreyu and I were just instantly friends. We  joked around with each other and my journey with him since then has been amazing.” -Amrit 

“A memory I felt lots of happiness and gratitude was during one of our virtual sessions. I like to stay on a little extra to get to know the kids better. Usually, Adarsh lets us know a song he likes. He told me about this song called Para Noda Lights Ahead. I really liked it and kept listening to it frequently. I took a two week break from our sessions and then joined back. I stayed back again the next session and I told Adarsh how I have been loving the song he suggested to me even after two weeks. When I saw his smile when he realized I listened to the song for so long, my heart warmed up instantly! I was so happy to see him smiling and he kept telling me how happy he was. I felt an immense sense of gratitude and happiness for Adarsh and our PRAGNYA family- and that day I learned how a smile can make me so happy and thankful.” -Semira 

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