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Play Like A Child - Carefree & Happy

Play Like A Child - Social Excursion at Rotary Gardens

It was a slow morning as people started trickling into the studio excited to go to Rotary Gardens for the day. The kids were running around eager to get to the park. People filed into their cars with the allies for their kids and drove to the park. After we reached the park, there was a line of children at the entrance with happiness all over their faces while they waited for the gates to be opened to the park. As the gates were opened, the enthusiastic kids dragged their allies along ready to enjoy the beautiful day. They ran here and there trying out every single play structure at the park full of utmost energy. The park was full of children running everywhere with their amazing allies chasing after them. The kids made new friends with kids at the park, and they all walked together to the structures hand-in-hand as though they had not just met each other. It was a beautiful yet hot day to be out, so the kids trickled into the benches where they took a break for lunch. The heat brought them to enjoy their scrumptious Indian lunch along with their parents. After enjoying their lunch, the kids relaxed in the shade near the benches after a tiring day. The highlight of the day had to be seeing them making friends with the new kids they had met in the park that day, and it was a pleasing sight to see them all walking hand-in-hand with one another from one play structure to another. The excursion trip was an incredible way for children with ASD to engage and play with new friends. As allies, we are always there for our kids, but the best thing for us to see is them making new friends by themselves without the help of others like they did. Ending on that sweet note, we are looking forward to the future excursions and trips that we can experience on a whole as part of the incredible team of Pragnya allies and kids.

Poornima Dorairaj is a 9th Grader and a dedicated PRAGNYA Ally.

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