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Pragnya's Summer Feastival 2022!

Pragnya is excited to announce the summer 2022 FEASTival! This year’s theme is to treat everyone’s taste buds to a “party in the USA.” As part of the American cuisine, there will be different foods representing the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. Join us for a food-filled, fun evening on Saturday, July 16 from 4pm to 8pm!

Everyone, including our neurodiverse kiddos, love food, as it is something that unites all of us. By coming together and appreciating the cuisine of a particular culture (as this year’s is American), we are able to connect on a deeper level. Similar to how we appreciate the unique perspectives of our neurodiverse indivuals, we cherish different cuisines and the colorful flavors each one brings. Last year, the theme was Indian cuisine, and it was a blast for everyone! There was chole poori, paneer rolls, pani puri, burfi, and more at the 2021 FEASTival. Below are some highlights from last year:

This year’s FEASTival will be just as amazing as last year’s. The booths will be named after Americ song names. At the “Soul Train,” there will be fried chicken and mac and cheese. At “Who Let the Dogs Out,” we will be serving hot dogs and veggie dogs. At the “Hot Potato,” we will be serving potato salad and French fries. Meanwhile, “Hotel California” will be serving tacos; at the “Sweet Home Alabama,” there will be soda, cookies, and ice cream. As for entertainment there will be plenty of options, including arts and crafts, music, and more.

Click on the link below to register for just $15. We can’t wait for you to come join us!

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