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Srikara and Jonathan’s Birthday

The social session on July 8th ended with Srikara’s birthday celebration. His parents brought wonderful chocolate cupcakes for all the kids and allies to enjoy. As the tables were being set, the excitement to be celebrating something and the eagerness to have the delicious treats was evident on the faces of the kids and the allies. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and enjoyed the beautiful moment.

This celebration was one to remember since Srikara is one of the earliest members of the Pragnya family. We have seen Srikara grow throughout the duration of this program and celebrating his birthday marks an important event. It’s instances like this party that really display what Pragnya is all about. It’s about developing a community of autism acculturation and embracing each other for who we are. The moment when everyone was gathered around the table, singing, laughing, and celebrating truly captured the essence of the society we hope to create for the kids and the society we hope to encourage outside of this program, in the community.

Srikara was able to share his birthday with one of our very amazing allies, Jonathan. We are so glad Johnathan made it to the session to celebrate his special day with everyone because being an ally, he is an essential part of the program.

We hope that we will have many events to come that are just as memorable and momentous as this one.

Blog By:

Preethi Edara

Megana Arunarthi

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