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Strawberry Pick(niking) at the Beach!

When it comes to learning and communicating … at PRAGNYA it is literally Child’s Play !

Every one of us bonds over play - whether it is playing a game of antakshari or a game or poker, or a game of tag, or a game of four corners, we build relationships, communicate instinctively with each other.

It is based on this tenet that the PRAGNYA social excursions are designed as part of the program, where children, regardless of their neurodiversity spend time with their allies, in an outdoor setting, something that stimulates the senses, the brain and also their being. Families of PRAGNYA children along with other neuro-typical ally families and adult allies spend time socializing in a unrestrictive, fun setting.

Nature gives us the most beautiful, bountiful gifts! Nothing in Nature is broken - everything is perfect as is. It was a beautiful spring morning when the PRAGNYA families, allies, kids, ally families everyone left to explore some flora and fauna. The first stop was to actually see a cow, perhaps the most exciting activity for many kids. For most of us growing up in the city, seldom do we get a chance to come in contact with another being(for some even human beings) in this case we were blessed that ISKON had organised a #cowculture conference at the #indiacommunitycenter in Milpitas and as an attraction for the kids, they had brought the Cow from their Go-Shala.

After the petting session with the cow and its calf at Milpitas, the whole #pragnyafamilies were off to Watsonville, get our hands and shoes dirty at the #strawberry farm. We learnt thing or two about farming and our kids were naturals when it comes to harvesting the hidden fruit from under the leaves.

Now, come lunch time, the whole Pragnya team decided we need to do some thing special, and lo-behold Pragnya Ally suggested we dine at the beach, which happened to be a couple of miles from the strawberry farm. And that's all we needed a brilliant idea to make the day even more memorable, Picnic at the beach.

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