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A Parents Perspective: Volume 1

Having been an ally with Pragnya for almost 2 years now, I have been able to forge relationships with many of the kids and the Allies in the organization. However, what we don't often get to hear about is the perspective of the child's parents. Parents are a crucial part of the support system we aim to create through Pragnya, and our organization would not be what it is without the support of all of the PRAGNYA parents.

This past week I had the opportunity to interview many of the pragnya parents who have been with us through this whole journey. Through this project, we get a deep insight into how pragnya has affected not only individuals on the spectrum but how it impacted families as a unit.

The first interview I conducted was with the father of our beloved friend, Jessica. Jessica has been with pragnya for over a year and half, and her father went on to say how Pragnya has given her a platform to interact with others her age and express her interests. He also mentioned how PRAGNYA has allowed their family to connect with other families going through the same thing, which has given them a sense of comfort and reassurance that this is a collective effort and we are all there to support one and other. Through pragnya we aim to create a community for both individuals on the spectrum and their families, and this was as an aspect that attracted Jessica and her family to the organization.

A special moment that her father shared with us was how Jessica was able to express and nurture her interest in makeup through Pragnya. In fact, she did people’s makeup for the organizations’ Valentine's day event. In Pragnya we hope to encourage people’s passions and motivate them to explore different hobbies and activities.

We as a community truly do appreciate all the individuals and their families, neurotypical or neurodiverse that are a part of the organization and have helped us become who we are today. We hope to create a welcoming environment for more neurodiverse individuals like Jessica and create a space where they can freely communicate and encourage one another.

- Preethi Edara (Ally)

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