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Practical Tools for Supported Decision-Making

Continuing with the series of info-workshops PRAGNYA has planned for the year, here is another useful tool Parents and caregivers can use to support the decision making skills the individuals they care for.

Steve Ruder from UCDAVIS will present the families with the tools and techniques for taking the route of Supported Decision Making, as opposed to the Conservatorship. While some people with disabilities will always need support, we all grow, mature and gain skills through experiences.

Supported decision-making is when one or more people help an individuals with:

  • Simplify and explain information, issues and choices.

  • Spotlight/focus on the key issues.

  • Make sure people aren’t rushed or pressured.

  • Reflect on past experiences.

  • Weigh options.

  • Develop decision-making skills.

  • Communicate choices when needed.

If you have attended the workshop, here are the INFO-PACKETS (English & Spanish) which you are welcome to download and use.

ENGLISH_SDM BridgesV_Mar20 2022
Download PDF • 3.21MB

SPANISH_SDM BridgesV_Mar20 2022
Download PDF • 3.19MB

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