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Deboleen Bandopadyay's performance at PRAGNYA

Autism holds many parents back from taking their kids to #concerts for fear that their #impulsive, #excited, totally #expressive #special darlings might disrupt the concert!!

#PRAGNYA aims to neutralize that fear and the #behaviors by bringing the #concerts to them ... In the @PRAGNYA concert series - our Kids sit with their Neurotypical #Allies, neurotypical attendees, whilst #parents can sit back and everyone can enjoy a lovely Hindustani / Carnatic classical concert performed by well known Bay Area classical music exponents.

Deboleen Bandopadhyay accompanied by Ajay Sunder Raj on the Tabla

This session is by, Deboleena B who is a Bio-tech professional trained in the Hindustani classical music and also a well known Hindustani singer in the Bay Area. Deboleena is also the #undercoverrockstar finalist from 2017. Accompanying her on the Tabla, is Ajay Sunder Raj, also a Techies by profession and well known percussionist having accompanied renowned singers here in the bay area and around the world.

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