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Neha Utkur's performance at PRAGNYA

At PRAGNYA, the "Social Immersion" is an initiative where we try to acculturate our Autism families (not just the child) to the neurotypical world. As part of this initiative, we started the PRAGNYA concert series, where we invite local Bay Area Classical Music exponents to come and perform for our families.

#PRAGNYA aims to neutralize that fear and the #behaviors by bringing the #concerts to them ... In the @PRAGNYA concert series - our Kids sit with their Neurotypical #Allies, neurotypical attendees, whilst #parents can sit back and everyone can enjoy a lovely Hindustani / Carnatic classical concert performed by well known Bay Area classical music exponents.

Neha Utkur, Accompanied by Ritesh on Tabla, Yogesh on the keyboard & Chinmay on the guitar

This session was by, Neha Utkur a techie by profession and a trained in the Hindustani classical singer in the Bay Area. Neha Utkur is also the #undercoverrockstar of 2017. The whole band came together organically to perform of #pragnyacocertseries the musicians are Techies working in the bay area and pursuing their passion for music. Pragnya team thanks them for coming together to JAMM for our Kids, and for putting up a wonderful session of Classical and Fusion Music.

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